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Addison Software Company Releases Game Teen Designed

How did Bottle Rocket help Hunter Allis, a 14-year-old boy, design, develop and release his very own video game? Read all about it here.

Baltimore Ravens Give Fans Access with AWE-Powered Apple TV App

Are you an NFL fan? Following the trend, the Baltimore Ravens are releasing a streaming app for Roku to give fans access to exclusive content. Read more.

A Focus on Responsible Design

Accessibility is so important here that we've built accessibility standards into the whole of our business operations, from development to QA

Bottle Rocket QA: How Many Devices Is Too Many?

Testing apps poses an interesting dilemma: Should testing be performed on physical devices, simulators, emulators, or cloud-based devices?

Spectrums of (Virtual) Reality

AR/VR have been a hot topic for a little while now. But what are the differences? The similarities? Are there others? Find out on our blog.

Teen with heart disease imagines video game now sold in app store

Hunter Allis is like any other 14-year-old: he loves video games. His heart disease complicates things, but it was the catalyst to creating his own game.

Bottle Rocket Partners with Dallas ISD

Read more about DISD Collegiate Academies and look out for our Rocketeers sharing their passion for design and development throughout DISD!

Calvin Carter joins Make-a-Wish Board of Directors

Calvin Carter, CEO of Bottle Rocket Studios, has joined the Board of Directors for Make-A-Wish¨ North Texas. Read all about the latest announcement here.

How a teen battling heart disease got his video game into the App Store

Bottle Rocket partnered with Make-A-Wish¨ to help an 11-year-old boy make his dreams of designing and creating his own video game come true.

Coca-Cola and Bottle Rocket Shortlisted for Effective Mobile Marketing Award

Coca-Cola Freestyle and Bottle Rocket have made the 2017 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards shortlist in the Most Effective B2C App category.

Bottle Rocket and Make-A-Wish® partner to fulfill wish to design a game

Bottle Rocket partnered with Make-A-Wish¨ to help an 11-year-old boy make his dreams of designing and creating his own video game come true.

How Skills and Passion Can Make Dreams Come True

Find out how an 11-year-old got to build an app with the help of Bottle Rocket. Find more about Planet SRAM and Hunter Allis here.

Big Design in Our Backyard

Big Design Conference hosts more than 1,000 of the brightest minds in UX and usability, marketing, design, content strategy, and development.

Blast Off to Planet SRAM

Bottle Rocket presents Planet SRAM, from the mind of 11-year-old Hunter Allis, who helped design, develop and create this mobile game. Play it today.

5 Big Ideas from our Product Owner’s Guide to the Universe at MWCA

There were a ton of ideas that came from our speakers during the all-day event, and these are five of the most interesting...

Bottle Rocket Partners with Ravens to Launch Apple TV App

The Baltimore Ravens released their new AWE-Powered streaming app for Apple TV. Fans now have access to more exclusive content. Read all about it here.

Adam Polansky Returns to Speak at Big Design 2017

Another year, another UX conference. Adam Polansky will be there talking about tools, techniques and deliverables. DonÕt miss it! Learn more here.

Your App Isn’t Ready Without These Things

Take pride in ensuring an amazing user experience, and always strive to surprise and delight users at every possible turn.

What’s Next for the Mobile Landscape

ÒMobile firstÓ is a term commonly thrown around, but what does it actually mean? We look at whatÕs next for brands going mobile.

Coca-Cola Freestyle App Makes the Global Smarties Shortlist

We're proud to announce the Coca-Cola Freestyle app is one of three nominees who made the Global Smarties shortlist for 2017 for IoT.

Engineering Jedi: Maximize Connectivity in iOS 11

Apple has improved the URLSession API family. In this post, we'll look at MPTCP support and reachability monitoring built-in to URLSession.

Calvin Carter Named in Top 500 Leaders by D Magazine

Calvin Carter, Bottle Rocket StudiosÕ CEO and Founder, was listed as one of the Top 500 Leaders by D Magazine. Read CalvinÕs story here.

From the Mouths of Interns

Rocket Science 2015, the mobile innovation lab and 24-hour hackathon from Bottle Rocket, revealed new thinking for mobile apps, virtual reality and more.

Adam Polansky to Speak at UX AUSTRALIA 2017

This year, Adam Polansky is running a half day workshop on Tuesday, August 8th from 1:30 - 5:00pm. Learn more about his presentation and the event.

Engineering Jedi: Preparing for Android O

Android O isn't coming until later this year, but now's the time to start planning if you want your app to be ready when it's released.

Bottle Rocket Strengthens NPR’s Strategy with NPR One for Apple TV

NPR, the countryÕs most popular public radio platform, announced the NPR One app is now available on Apple TV, thanks to a partnership with Bottle Rocket.

Are Your Bags Packed for MWC Americas Yet?

Join us in theater 2024 for practical advice on managing features and technologies within mobile apps and a whole lot more.

Bottle Rocket Nominated in 2017 Tech Titans Awards

Bottle Rocket is proud to announce we were nominated for the Emerging Company Innovation award for our services. Read more about the award here.

Engineering Jedi: iOS Breakpoint Secret Sauce for Better Debugging

Learn about the top 5 Breakpoints that every iOS developer should enable in their project for better debugging.

Calvin Carter Speaks about the Human Experience of VR

Bottle Rocket CEO and Founder, Calvin Carter, gives his thoughts on the human experience aspect of virtual reality and whatÕs in store. See what he said here.

Engineering Jedi: Five(ish) Things to Prepare for with iOS 11

The rise of location data infrastructure and geofencing technology has added another layer to the holy grail: delivering the right content, to the right user, at the right time, at the right location.

Bottle Rocket Works with NPR on App for Apple TV

Bottle Rocket has partnered with NPR to build the NPR One App for Apple TV. Read more about the new version here.

Top Takeaways from WWDC 2017 that Weren’t in the Keynote

Some of these barely made an appearance at the conference, but we think they're some of the most exciting updates yet.

Inside the QA Automation Lab

Discover more about Bottle Rocket's first ever QA Bootcamp.

Engineering Jedi: Why I Couldn’t Resist Echo Show

Rocket Science 2015 from Bottle Rocket is an event, a contest, and an all-out app fest where ideas for mobile innovations are created in just 24-hours.

Engineering Jedi: Dots, New in Android O

Bottle RocketÕs developers have been participating in an Olympic-themed hackathon. Read more to find out why we think hackathons are so important.

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