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16 Business And Industry Functions Being Transformed By AI

16 members of Forbes Technology Council share industry functions that are being improved or taken over by artificial intelligence.

10 Tech Leaders Share Their Favorite Edtech Innovations

10 members of Forbes Technology Council share the most compelling piece of EdTech they’ve seen recently and why they’re impressed by it.

13 Big Changes 5G Will Bring To Businesses And Consumers In 2021

13 industry experts from Forbes Technology Council take a look at the significant impacts 5G may make for both businesses and consumers.

Leveling-up Contactless Guest Interactions with App Clips

The survival of the hospitality sector now depends on business’ efforts to create a safe and enjoyable guest experience.

12 Things Every Dev Should Know About Ergonomic Software Design

A panel of experts from Forbes Technology Council explained what developers should know about ergonomic design.

10 Exciting Ways 3D Printing Will Be Used In The Future

Members of Forbes Technology Council were asked what potential uses of 3D printing non-tech companies should be excited about and why.

NTX Inno’s 2020 Inno on Fire

View NTX Inno's 2020 Fire winners, which includes a list of 50 people and companies that are crushing it in North Texas.

Three Tips for Business Leaders to Consider in 2020

With 2020 fully underway, Calvin Carter, CEO and Founder of Bottle Rocket, discusses top tips for business leaders to consider in the new year.

Dallas Agency Reports Record Growth and More Robust Market Offerings

Bottle Rocket is laying a sustainable foundation for its future while advancing its ability to provide comprehensive solutions that help clients.

How Bottle Rocket is Defining and Serving the Connected Lifestyle

Check out the highlights, find out what businesses are facing in mobile this year and more in the recap of our Mobile Summit 2016.

5 Big Ideas from our Product Owner’s Guide to the Universe at MWCA

There were a ton of ideas that came from our speakers during the all-day event, and these are five of the most interesting...

Bottle Rocket Nominated in 2017 Tech Titans Awards

Bottle Rocket is proud to announce we were nominated for the Emerging Company Innovation award for our services. Read more about the award here.

Bottle Rocket Works with NPR on App for Apple TV

Bottle Rocket has partnered with NPR to build the NPR One App for Apple TV. Read more about the new version here.

Inside the QA Automation Lab

Discover more about Bottle Rocket's first ever QA Bootcamp.

MWC Barcelona 2017: Jamon, Chaos, and Mobility

Couldn't make it to MWC Barcelona? We can catch you up with the first-person experience of Director of Strategy and Design (EMEA), Greg Flory.

TechWeek Recap: from Smartphones to Smart Cities

We've put a lot of hard work into our QA automation process and we wanted an automation lab that was just as awesome.

Bottle Rocket Cited As A Strong Performer By Independent Research Firm

Bottle Rocket, an award-winning mobile design, strategy, and development company, has been rated a Strong Performer by Forrester Research.

Quality Assurance Automation

Daydream is the next generation of mobile virtual reality headsets. Learn more about the HMD and what it means for brands in the future.

Coca-Cola Freestyle App Renovates for iOS 10 With Tasteful iMessage Extension

Check out Coca-Cola Freestyle's new iMessage app extension. Its easier than ever to share your favorite mixes in iOS 10.

Bottle Rocket Named a Finalist in the Tech Titan Awards

Discover more about Bottle Rocket's Emerging Company Innovation nomination for the 16th Annual Tech Titan Awards.

Bottle Rocket’s Rocket Science 2016 Recap

Discover more about Bottle Rocket's fifth annual Rocket Science event.

Bottle Rocket Hosts First Ever Partner Hackathon

We're in the age of digital health, so we thought it would be fitting to focus on healthcare for our first partner hackathon.

Exclusive Innovation Insights from SXSW 2016

Discover popular topics and the ever-growing world of mobile technology and robotics straight from the Rocketeers who know it best.

Takeaways from Mobile Summit 2016

Coca-Cola Freestyle is looking more tasteful than ever with the latest update of their app. Discover more on our website.

Mobile in 2016: MWC & GDC Recap

We're proud to announce the Coca-Cola Freestyle app is one of three nominees who made the Global Smarties shortlist for 2017 for IoT.

Inside a Stormtrooper’s Head | A Mini-Hackathon Event

Bottle Rocket is hosting 48 in 48; a not-for-profit organization builds 48 websites for 48 other non-profits in just 48 hours. Want to get involved? Find out more here.

Coca-Cola Freestyle App Gets an Update

Coca-Cola Freestyle is looking more tasteful than ever with the latest update of their app. Discover more on our website.

SPG Featured in Business Insider’s App 100

Testing apps poses an interesting dilemma: Should testing be performed on physical devices, simulators, emulators, or cloud-based devices?

SPG App Updates on Both Android and iOS

What does the next generation of developers look like? Bottle Rocket is partnering with Dallas ISD to prepare incoming ninth graders for college. See how.

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