Our 10th Annual Rocket Science Was Amazing, As Usual!

Our 10th annual Rocket Science was once again a huge success! We are constantly inspired and amazed by the incredible projects our teams create and the camaraderie this event inspires. Since its inception, Rocket Science has been an opportunity to push the boundaries of our creativity, sharpen our skills and meet Rocketeers we normally wouldn’t interact with on a day-to-day basis. This year was no different.

Our Rocketeers collaborated on their projects virtually via Gather Town and in-person at the Bottle Rocket office. Read more about the virtual community, Gather Town in our 2021 recap here. The in-person Rocketeers carried on beloved traditions such as dance parties, amazing food spreads, and of course, midnight taco runs.

With over 40 projects this year, there was no shortage of innovations for our Rocketeers to join in on. Check some of the winners below!


Best Overall: B&A Printing Press

The B&A Printing Press team brought the print supplies, Rocketeers brought clothes and totes! The team offered three designs to screen print on the fabric of the Rocketeers choosing. The printing press was a learning opportunity to teach people how to screen print and upcycle items they already have.


Best Tech: Dynamic Islanders

Dynamic Islanders set out to explore the new iOS Live Activity capability within the “Dynamic Island.” Enter iLander, an interactive pet that lives in your Dynamic Island. The goal of the game is to grow your baby islander into a fully self-sufficient adult by gaining experience points and leveling up.


Most Creative: E&E Plant Shop

The E&E Plant shop provided a step-by-step walkthrough on how to make terrariums and moss frame art. They also provided instructions on where to buy supplies and where to place it in your home.


Brilliant Failure: Build a Synth

The Build a Synth team got together to play with Synths through Arduinos, raspberry pis and lots of sliders, knobs and buttons. The goal of the project was to create together and see what they could build!


Most Ambitious: Rocketverse

Rocketverse aimed to create a virtual and physical space where people can interact with each other no matter how they join the space. The team created a physical 10x10 room and projection mapped a virtual space to it. They also added audio and video to both the physical and virtual space to allow for interaction between the two.

RocketScienceProjects6Community Impact: ADHD Coach App

The ADHD Coach App was created in order to help kids work through distractions, anxiety, time management and frustration through a coach that helps students prepare with mindfulness exercises.


Community Impact Honorable Mention: Puppy Play Time

Puppy Playtime made easy DIY dog toys to help homeless puppies and dogs at local animal shelters. The team was able to make over 150 toys to give to homeless pets.


Community Impact Honorable Mention: Cyberguide

The CyberGuide aims to serve as a quick and effective series of references to provide basic cyber knowledge and awareness to seniors, non-digital natives, and techno-phobics. This project aimed to find effective techniques to provide basic cyber knowledge and awareness to those who might not have an IT background.

We're so excited to see what these projects evolve into next year and we are already looking forward to next year’s Rocket Science! 

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