Inside a Stormtrooper’s Head | A Mini-Hackathon Event

Rocketeeers sit in a booth at Bottle Rocket Headquarters during Stormtrooper mini-hackathon

At Bottle Rocket, we take innovation very seriously. In fact, we dedicate a few times a year to both large and small scale hackathons in order to bring to life ideas we are unable to try out through our everyday tasks.

Recently, our engineering team held a mini-hackathon focusing on the theme “Apps a Stormtrooper Might Need.” The idea was to create apps a Stormtrooper would find useful, such as “how-to-aim-a-gun-and-NOT-miss-every-time” or “how-to-recognize-friend-vs-foe.” The app concept needed to involve Stormtroopers, but Rocketeers had free range in what they could create.

Continue reading about some of the different projects our engineers created.

Mental training

Who doesn’t like Star Wars trivia? In this Stormtrooper inspired game, users can add riddles to a database of Star Wars knowledge and compete with others to solve them. The app also can notify the player of added new riddles.

Real world applications: The framework for this app has the potential to be some type of social engagement app. The potential use might involve a mobile study group where students can input questions and answers to study from.


Jedi mind trick defeater

No Stormtrooper appreciates it when a Jedi uses the Force to control their thoughts or actions. With this app, users work with Google voice interaction APIs to let them determine if these are or are not the droids they are looking for. This lets Stormtroopers rely on technology to complete their tasks free from Jedi manipulation. 

Real world applications: The good thing about this technology is that the same API applies to various Android products – phones, tablets, and watches. The possibilities for this technology allow for more app engagement in a way that is convenient for the user. Not only can they complete tasks like taking photos through voice commands, but it also could potentially be used for task/goal management and more.

Developer at Bottle Rocket holds up a shirt he printed with a Stormtrooper helmet on it

Other projects

We’re proud of the results of this hackathon, but the list doesn’t end there. Some of the other projects our engineers designed included the following:

  • Stop being terrible: an app dedicated to Stormtrooper training (because any Star Wars fan will agree that Stormtroopers are pretty bad at nearly everything they do) through themed games.
  • Stormtrooper gun: a converted Nerf gun that the user can place their smartphone into to target enemies.
  • StormChat: a real-time messaging platform exclusively for Stormtroopers.
  • BB-8 Hack. Hack everyone’s favorite new droid just by standing by it. The developed app lets the user hijack control of BB-8 – no matter the original owner.
  • Are Stormtroopers bad shots? Answers the age-old questions of why Stormtroopers always miss (hint: it’s because they’re not allowed to shoot Luke, Leia, and their friends). The app can detect friend or foe for the Stormtrooper on the go.

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