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This is How Technology Makes Your Brand Image

Certain technology in your app ecosystem can help you firmly establish your brand in the eyes of customers.

Amazon Launches New Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Basic

Earlier today, Amazon announced the All-New Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Basic. Learn more about the latest devices in the Fire TV family.

Bottle Rocket Expands OTT Offering with Amazon Fire TV

Bottle Rocket has launched into new territory again with our first Amazon Fire TV app. WeÕre excited to offer our award-winning services to more devices.

Your App Isn’t Ready Without These Things

Take pride in ensuring an amazing user experience, and always strive to surprise and delight users at every possible turn.

Engineering Jedi: Preparing for Android O

Android O isn't coming until later this year, but now's the time to start planning if you want your app to be ready when it's released.

Are Your Bags Packed for MWC Americas Yet?

Join us in theater 2024 for practical advice on managing features and technologies within mobile apps and a whole lot more.

Bottle Rocket Nominated in 2017 Tech Titans Awards

Bottle Rocket is proud to announce we were nominated for the Emerging Company Innovation award for our services. Read more about the award here.

Engineering Jedi: iOS Breakpoint Secret Sauce for Better Debugging

Learn about the top 5 Breakpoints that every iOS developer should enable in their project for better debugging.

Engineering Jedi: Five(ish) Things to Prepare for with iOS 11

The rise of location data infrastructure and geofencing technology has added another layer to the holy grail: delivering the right content, to the right user, at the right time, at the right location.

Inside the QA Automation Lab

Discover more about Bottle Rocket's first ever QA Bootcamp.

Engineering Jedi: Why I Couldn’t Resist Echo Show

Rocket Science 2015 from Bottle Rocket is an event, a contest, and an all-out app fest where ideas for mobile innovations are created in just 24-hours.

Engineering Jedi: Dots, New in Android O

Bottle RocketÕs developers have been participating in an Olympic-themed hackathon. Read more to find out why we think hackathons are so important.

WWDC 2017: What We’re Excited About

Big news out of NYC this week: two Bottle Rocket-powered apps have been nominated for Shorty Awards! Find out which apps are now finalists.

The AR/VR Takeaways from Google I/O with Matt Johnson

Make Safe Happen is dedicated to in-home child safety and was built with the aid of Nationwide Children's Hospital, Center for Injury Research and Policy.

Android Developers and Kotlin: A Love Story

Rocketeers cheered at the news (literally). At last! Android devs and Kotlin could be together. But why all the excitement? Let us explain...

Engineering Jedi: Alexa Lingo

AmazonÕs Alexa is truly a feat of technology, but there is a whole vernacular surrounding her. HereÕs a glossary of Alexa lingo to help code some skills.

Becoming PCI Compliant with Bottle Rocket

Do you have a mobile app that accepts credit card payments? You need to make sure youÕre PCI Compliant. Bottle Rocket can help. Read more about it here.

Understand Mobile and Web Testing with Bottle Rocket QA

Learn about low-friction development environments - what they are, their benefits, best practices, and more - from our iOS Architect.

Low-Friction Development Environments

Learn about low-friction development environments - what they are, their benefits, best practices, and more - from our iOS Architect.

Develop for the Future: Reducing Technical Debt

Developing with the future in mind may take additional time in the present, but it can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Exploratory Testing – It’s a Team Event

As part of Civil War Week, HISTORYå¨ Digital is releasing an updated version of the award-winning The Civil War Today iPad app developed by Bottle Rocket.

Coca-Cola Freestyle App Renovates for iOS 10 With Tasteful iMessage Extension

Check out Coca-Cola Freestyle's new iMessage app extension. Its easier than ever to share your favorite mixes in iOS 10.

Bottle Rocket is Now a Google Certified Agency

We are excited to announce our inclusion in Google's new Certified Agency program. Learn about the program and what it means for our clients.

WWDC 2016 Keynote Recap

Developing with the future in mind may take additional time in the present, but it can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Exciting Information Released Before WWDC

Tony Daussat spoke about Imposter Syndrome at the 2019 Big Design Conference and how it can affect anyone at any level. Read TonyÕs recap here.

Google I/O 2016 Recap

Bottle Rocket is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Brand Experiences & Growth Strategies team, Cydney Raisch. Read the latest news here.

Apple Special Event March 2016 Recap

Many announcements were widely anticipated, but we'd like to share what we saw as the most exciting parts of this town hall.

iOS 9.3 Developer Preview

iOS 9.3 does not have a release date at the moment, but we do know what it will feature. Find out if developers should be preping their apps for the update

Android Pay: What’s New (and What You Need to Know)

Discover more about the latest Android Pay news as we recap Google's latest Android Pay event in San Fransisco.

Inside a Stormtrooper’s Head | A Mini-Hackathon Event

Bottle Rocket is hosting 48 in 48; a not-for-profit organization builds 48 websites for 48 other non-profits in just 48 hours. Want to get involved? Find out more here.

SPG App Updates on Both Android and iOS

What does the next generation of developers look like? Bottle Rocket is partnering with Dallas ISD to prepare incoming ninth graders for college. See how.

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