Android Pay: What’s New (and What You Need to Know)

Recently, our Rocketeers attended an exclusive Google hosted Android Pay event in San Francisco. The event provided our team with the knowledge on the latest Android Pay news as well as the updates to the platform itself.

Android Pay is a secure and quick way for consumers to make payments in-store and in-app through a mobile device. With the latest features, the process of using Android Pay is more streamlined for the consumer with a two click checkout. Instead of always entering purchase information such an address or exposing credit card numbers to multiple shops, Android Pay keeps that information secure and masks it when used. Lastly, Android Pay information is tied to the consumer’s Google account and will sync if they get a new phone.

That’s not all our Rocketeers discovered. Google featured its flexibility, customization, and how we can implement these in our own apps. In addition, we learned about the limitations of the current technology, the multiple ways to handle the nine preapproved credit card processing companies (or otherwise), and how we can adjust our development or advise our clients on different options.

Our Rocketeers received one on one time with Google, credit card companies, and industry experts and gained an understanding of different ways to implement everything from payment processing to client and user adoption. Current and prospective clients will be happy to know that using it is more convenient due to the fast and quick learning curve and reduced number of payment steps. Best of all, it is free to use and Android Pay does not administer any additional fees.

Other aspects clients can look forward to:

  • Faster checkout
  • Enhanced security
  • Lightweight integration
  • No addition fees
  • Use existing processor

We’re always eager to share how our premiere observations can impact your business. If you’re interested in hearing about how you can implement Android Pay for your brand, contact our mobile experts.

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