Introducing the All-New 2nd Edition of EXP. Magazine

Last year, we decided to try something new. We created a magazine packed full of all our favorite things – our favorite experiences of the year, some of our favorite articles, and new content on some of our favorite experience-driven topics. By experience experts for experience experts, EXP. is a magazine for anyone that believes in the power of experience and thrives off innovation.

We had such an overwhelming response to the first edition in 2022, we decided to do it again!

The 2nd edition of EXP. Magazine is now available.


Featuring contributions from industry leaders like IBM, Bloomreach, Airship, Amplitude, Iterable, mParticle, Simon Data, and Radar, as well as other Ogilvy entities such as The Lacek Group, Eicoff, Jussi, Social.Lab, and Verticurl, the magazine acts not only as an informative and insightful vessel for new and exciting ideas in the experience industry, but also as a demonstration of Ogilvy’s commitment to creating out-of-the-box digital and physical experiences and the importance of experience in today’s highly competitive world.

In this year’s “EXP. Magazine,” contributors highlight the need for more effective personalization, the marriage of data and experience, and the need to focus on employees during times of transformation, as well as other highly timely and topical interests such as identity management, Gen Z, digital empathy, virtual connections, and the imperative of digital analytics in an economic downturn.


You won't want to miss IT!


Check out last year’s EXP. Magazine here.