Rocketeer Adam Polansky Featured in UX Inspired Webshow

Recently, Rocketeer Adam Polansky appeared in an episode of Expose UX. This new web TV show focuses on startup founders seeking help from UX experts.

Richard Brevig, the executive producer of the show, founded his own tech startup and realized no one knew how to use his product. With help from the UX community, he was able to fix the usability of that product. The advice he received from these UX specialists inspired him to develop the concept for Expose UX.

“It’s good to look at apps in infancy and fix things before it is too late,” Adam commented on his experience. “[Expose UX] brings awareness to an industry issue that many don’t tend to think about.”

We’re proud of Adam for giving back to budding startups in a way that reflects the work Bottle Rocket does on a day-to-day basis. Make sure to check out Adam's latest Expose UX episodes.