Nine Cost-Effective Ways Businesses Can Use Tech To Reach New Customers

Businesses are always looking for effective and innovative ways to reach new customers. While marketing campaigns will always play the lead role in bringing in new customers, they can be time-consuming and expensive, so companies seek additional ways to boost outreach efforts. Technology is playing a larger and larger role in how companies operate—is it possible technology can help them expand their customer base?

According to the tech industry experts of Forbes Technology Council, yes, it can. Below, nine members share cost-effective ways businesses—particularly tech businesses—can leverage technology to reach potential new customers.

1. Enabling Data-Driven Insights

Data is key in the entire acquisition journey. Organizations need to put data first. An ingrained process of controlled data-driven experiments will enable organizations to prove assumptions and get a deeper understanding of their customers. Making continuous marginal gains by utilizing data on and during every acquisition campaign will ensure better data-driven decisions and conversion rates. - Kris Jones, VML Technology

2. Creating Personalized Touch Points

Today, customers are overloaded with generic marketing and digital content. The best way to acquire new customers would be to establish a personalized and contextual touch point over phone, email or digital media. Use artificial intelligence and machine learning and harness social networking data to identify the right potential customers and create a personalized value proposition. Be transparent and keep the message simple. - Gaurav Aggarwal, Avanade Inc.

3. Documenting Business Results

The best way to win new customers is to take excellent care of your current customers. Customer referrals are a great source of new leads, and a positive Net Promoter Score is a good way to measure and track progress. Great case studies with clearly documented business results are also an important selling point for new customers. - Amy Czuchlewski, Bottle Rocket

4. Using Clubhouse To Stay Visible

It is essential for tech companies to form an authoritative voice and remain visible among the rapidly growing competition. It is also crucial to network and to build meaningful connections. There are of course many tools available, but I would recommend Clubhouse as the platform where you can both share your knowledge and exchange ideas while meeting and connecting with prospective clients. - Alex Dzyuba, Lucid Reality Labs

5. Organizing Virtual Events/Webinars

In these changing times, virtual events will connect businesses to businesses and people to people. Create a captive theme for the webinar or event, with a focus on the domain and business problem that the tech will solve. Target key people in your invites, such as key decision-makers within the potential client businesses, editors of tech publications and analysts who can get the word out about the tech. - Chandrasekhar Somasekhar,, Inc.

6. Leveraging TikTok To Reach Younger Audiences

Leverage the power of social media apps such as TikTok to spread your message and reach new customers, especially Gen-Y and Gen-Z individuals. TikTok might seem trivial, but it is engaging—even addictive—and can carry corporate messages to a diverse audience in an inexpensive way. For instance, we used TikTok to spread recruiting videos and received 1 million new viewers in eight days. - Riaz Raihan, Alida

7. Boosting Visibility On Social Media

Social media is one of the fastest and most authentic ways to communicate broadly and freely with customers and prospects alike. We use channels such as LinkedIn and an employee advocacy platform to keep our company top of mind and expand our visibility. Using these tools has led to a 71% increase in our social media engagements. - Cindy Jaudon, IFS

8. Using Project Management Tools To Improve Campaigns

With, we’re more efficient at delivering campaigns to our current customers and reaching new customers. The platform offers increased transparency, a central workspace where you can find things easily, significant improvement in collaboration and an efficiency boost. We have been able to track campaign performance effortlessly, allowing us time to create more profound campaigns. - Phillip Walker, Network Solutions Provider USA inc.

9. Adopting Low-Code And No-Code Tools

Low-code and no-code tools are a great way to create new marketing channels and tie together the ones you have. Imagine logging when customers visit your site and sending them a customized email or social media post based on the pages they visited. There are lots of ways for tech to automate email campaigns—think about how to motivate your existing customer base. - David Moise, Decide Consulting

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