Digital Experiences that Keep Customers Coming Back

In this digital age, a digital experience may be the only direct contact a customer has with a particular brand. Therefore, it is essential for companies to take the time to carefully craft and customize digital experiences that convey the values and proposition of a brand in every customer interaction. By harnessing technology to establish brand-led, positive touch points and frictionless digital experiences, businesses can capture the attention of potential customers and keep their existing customers coming back.


The Power of Digital Experiences

Digital experiences play an important role in addressing the experience gap between consumer expectations and the reality of many customers’ experiences. Often the expectations customers have, in terms of receiving a personalized and seamless experience, do not match what businesses are offering.Brands can effectively close this experience gap by leveraging tools to capture data and better understand consumer behavior, which will ultimately lead to the creation of digital experiences that meet, or even exceed, customer expectations.

How to Design Digital Experiences

Behind every impactful digital experience, there is a well-thought-out and successfully executed design strategy.A good design strategy will compliment a user’s intent but is careful not to overshadow it.Designing experiences with these needs at the forefront will have a noticeable impact on a brand’s entire customer lifecycle. To achieve true customer-centric designs, businesses need to have a complete understanding of the end-to-end customer journey, as well as appreciating any pain points that may arise. Every design element that customers encounter during branded digital experiences needs to be scrutinized and adjusted for an optimal user experience. Designing digital experiences with the end-consumer in mind will ensure that you are providing contextual and customized experiences, which engage and retain customers for the long-term. Digital Experiences that

Keep Customers Coming Back

In the crowded quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, brands need to leverage digital experiences to stand out from competitors. Fiesta Restaurant Group operates and franchises two fast casual restaurant brands, Pollo Tropical and Taco Cabana, which have both used complex menus and simplistic loyalty apps in the past.Bottle Rocket worked with Fiesta to streamline the brands’ complicated menu structures and user journeys, with the aim of improving general customer experience and optimizing conversion throughout the purchase funnel. Using our world-class experience design strategies, we ensured that the digital experience of ordering through the app was as simple and convenient as ordering in-store.

We have also channeled our design thinking into creating an innovative mobile ordering application for the leading brand, Chick-fil-A. By designing a GPS-enabled mobile solution that notifies restaurants of orders while customers are en route, we helped Chick-fil-A overcome their issue of long lines and the resulting loss of sales. The aim was to guarantee a high level of customer service through the mobile experience, which was achieved by activating straight forward, yet advanced, mobile payments. The goal was also accomplished by personalizing experiences using consumer data to keep track of customers’ go-to orders and store locations.

Here at Bottle Rocket, we assist our clients in creating impactful digital experiences, with the end-consumer’s interests and needs in mind.As part of our tried-and-tested experience design practice, we offer experience audits, assessments, and design services to our clients. Using our problem-solving approach to human-centered design, we ensure that we have a firm understanding of your customersperspectives before designing a digital experience that tackles common issues or needs.

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