Bottle Rocket Wins Top Honors in Innovation at Tech Titans 2018 Gala

Last Friday evening at the Tech Titans 18th Annual Awards Gala, Bottle Rocket took home the award for Most Innovative Company, the organization's top honors for innovative companies under $200 million in revenue in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The event recognized the elite in North Texas technology and highlighted innovators that are giving companies competitive edge and impacting the technology industry for greater good.

Accepting the award on behalf of Bottle Rocket and its over 200 Rocketeers was Calvin Carter, Bottle Rocket's founder and CEO. Surrounded by the top tech influencers of North Texas, colleagues and friends, Carter spoke openly about how humbling it is to be in such esteemed company. He went on to share his sincere appreciation and admiration for the great work that each and every nominee has contributed to innovation and technology.

"Building an innovative enterprise in Dallas has always been humbling because, from the start, we were surrounded by many great technology companies. However, it also helped inspire us to reach for more," said Carter.

"We dedicated ourselves to supporting all of our Rocketeers in ever more unique and inspirational ways, to sharpening our technology mastery as if each month we had to once again prove ourselves worthy of working alongside the very best brands in the world. And we continuously deepened our understanding of connected customers—an understanding that distinctly and preeminently keeps separating us from our very own previous best. Thankfully we have not slowed down because we love what we do! We learn together, we grow together, and together we drive value for our amazing clients," remarks Carter.

"What an honor it is to serve our clients, take on their challenges and make them our own—all while creating amazing experiences for their connected customers. Today, there are many more great technology enterprises in North Texas than when Bottle Rocket started ten years ago, proof that our tech community is increasingly vibrant. Personally, I am more focused and inspired than ever and looking forward to sharing many of the lessons Bottle Rocket has learned on our journey to understand and define the world of connected customers and how to best use technology to be with this powerful community in the most innovative, enticing, and productive ways."

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