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Bottle Rocket, Ogilvy’s digital transformation specialty agency based in Dallas, told staff this week that it will be implementing a permanent “Work from Wherever” model. What that means is, where employees choose to work is entirely up to them—they can work from home, in the office or even abroad, Bottle Rocket says. 

The pandemic has caused various companies, including ad agencies, to rethink their business models and Bottle Rocket is just one shop considering making remote work more permanent. (This matter will be discussed further in Ad Age’s upcoming May 25 State of the Summer issue.) Bottle Rocket explains its reasoning for the move as such: “This new way of working offers a more relevant, contextual, productive and personalized way to work for its employees, demonstrates the company's continued commitment to its clients and further illustrates its progressive and innovative culture and philosophy.” The agency says since transitioning employees to work from home when the pandemic first hit, “the company has been able to continue ‘business as usual.’”

“Due to our unique style of cross-functional collaborative working, we had to quickly and proactively take measures to ensure our employees felt supported and that our clients continued to receive the value that we are known for,” Bottle Rocket Founder and CEO Calvin Carter says. “I am very happy to say that while working remote, the quality of our work and productivity has not suffered, yet our employees' quality of living has increased. Because of the successes we've seen and the 'new normal' we are all adjusting to, Bottle Rocket is now on the forefront of the next shift in collaborative working by ensuring our employees can work from wherever they want.”

Carter adds, “We acknowledge some meetings will require in-person collaboration, so teams will still need to come together from time to time.”

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