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Check out the latest and greatest happenings around the rocket. We’ll do our best to keep you informed on all things new and now.

Blast Off to Planet SRAM

Bottle Rocket presents Planet SRAM, from the mind of 11-year-old Hunter Allis, who helped design, develop and create this mobile game. Play it today.

From the Mouths of Interns

Rocket Science 2015, the mobile innovation lab and 24-hour hackathon from Bottle Rocket, revealed new thinking for mobile apps, virtual reality and more.

Adam Polanksy at Big Design Latin America

Rocketeer Adam Polansky, a co-founder of the Dallas conference, flew to Quito to help prepare and share his experience building a UX community

Bottle Rocket Hosts First Ever QA Bootcamp

Discover more about Bottle Rocket's first ever QA Bootcamp.

Bottle Rocket’s Rocket Science 2016 Recap

Discover more about Bottle Rocket's fifth annual Rocket Science event.

CodeStream Studios Discovers How to Build Apps Like a Rocketeer

Learn about CodeStream Studios' visit to Bottle Rocket Studios where they learned how to build apps like a Rocketeer.

Bottle Rocket Hosts First Ever Partner Hackathon

We're in the age of digital health, so we thought it would be fitting to focus on healthcare for our first partner hackathon.

SMU Students Chat with Bottle Rocket Leadership Team

Chick-Fil-A is a Finalist in the 2015 Smarties Awards. Learn more about this award and the Chik-Fil-A app.

Rocketeers Teach Students About Mind Mapping, Coding, and More

Rocketeers visited Heritage Elementary School to teach students about coding and how to mind map their ideas to promote STEAM education.

Rocketeer Luke Wallace Discusses Weartech and Star Wars on “Wearable Today”

Calvin Carter, Bottle RocketÕs Founder and CEO, spoke at the University of North Texas about his inspiration behind his company. HereÕs a recap.

Rocketeers Support Young Robotics Team at First LEGO League Competition

With all of the reveals and amazing new gear at Mobile World Congress, Calvin Carter gives a recap on what it all means and what we can expect this year.

Inside a Stormtrooper’s Head | A Mini-Hackathon Event

Bottle Rocket is hosting 48 in 48; a not-for-profit organization builds 48 websites for 48 other non-profits in just 48 hours. Want to get involved? Find out more here.

Bill R. Johnson Career and Technology Center Visits Bottle Rocket

Find out more about one of Bottle Rocket's many STEAM initiatives, including our latest one with Bill R. Johnson Career and Technology Center.

Bottle Rocket Named Among Top 100 Places to Work by The Dallas Morning News

Find out more about our recognition in The Dallas Morning News.

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