Bottle Rocket Hosts First Ever QA Bootcamp

Recently, Bottle Rocket’s QA team held a half-day QA bootcamp on the subject of mobile application testing. The event equipped the eager non-mobile QA community of all skill ranges with the latest trends in mobile-centric testing and assisted with their QA professional development.

Sandeepa Vemireddy, organizer and QA director, explained that this boot camp focused highly on what attendees wanted to hear and learn. The content was planned around different levels of experience so that all groups had something to discover. Newbies and seasoned professionals looking to get into QA along with veterans seeking to know more about automation and server testing gathered to learn about the following (and more):

  • Bottle Rocket’s QA culture
  • The basics of mobile test approach
  • Bottle Rocket’s automation and tool knowledge
  • Server testing and test approach style
  • Evolving and trending technologies

Throughout the day, participants gained in-depth knowledge on upcoming mobile trends and working in agile workflows. They also learned a great deal about working in parallel with other team members during development, as well as how to approach QA with little to no business requirements.

Whiteboard drawing for QA Bootcamp

“It was a great experience for the presenters and the participants,” said Rocketeer Philip Hake. “[People] very much enjoyed the content and presentations…[and] really liked how our disciplines all sat and worked together with open communication. We [hope to take] the presentation on tour to colleges [and other future events].”

We’re excited to host a one-of-a-kind experience for the community. If you’re interested in other Bottle Rocket boot camps or similar STEAM events, feel free to contact our team of Rocketeers.

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