Mobile Dev + Test Con 2016

This April, BR attended the Mobile Dev + Test conference. Our senior quality assurance lead, Philip Hake, attended to learn, participate, and represent Bottle Rocket while our Direct of Android Engineering, Luke Wallace, went to teach a few courses on Android development. The Dev + Test conference is a mobile centric conference currently focused on mobile testing and mobile test automation.

One of the highlights was a 2-day Mobile Application Testing training course. The material for this session closely followed the Mobile ASTQB certification documentation. This 2-day course covered unique mobile specific testing, cross platform differences, network and security testing, mobile UI automation basics, and more. Philip Hake noticed, due to his work in the field and having Bottle Rocket QA industry experience, he had already encountered most of the topics that were covered. This was validation that our team is using the correct tools and following the correct processes. On some topics we were actually able to elaborate past the book facts with real industry experiences and assist in answering fellow classmates questions.

In addition to the 2-day mobile training course their were many other interesting sessions from big brands like Uber sharing their automation tool octopus, Microsoft discussing their 600+ physical device lab and test automation pipeline, and Brightcove speaking on how to build and integrate frameworks for Testing Mobile SDKs. However, even with all of the big brand session topics, the most relevant day to day knowledge was discussing processes, challenges, and tools with fellow conference goers. It was a great learning experience and we cannot wait to attend next year.

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