The Key to Retaining App Users

By 2017, mobile users will be providing personalized data streams for more than 100 apps and services every day. Want to be one of those 100? Karen Pattani-Hason, Head of Agency & Strategic Alliances NAM at Urban Airship, shares some tips on how to build genuine user loyalty.


5 Methods for Retaining App Users

1. Draw users in with a welcome series.

Offering users a promotion code in your app’s welcome series gets a 300% greater redemption rate than sending the same discount via email.

2. Push, but don’t be pushy.

Apps with push notifications experience 4 times as much engagement as those without, and double the retention.

3. Target your notifications.

Targeting push notifications can increase user engagement by up to 7 times. For example, even one attribute like location can boost customer response by 293%.

 4. Don’t underestimate the power of habits.

“Rituals drive value and repeat visits,” says Pattani-Hason. Just look at the Starbucks app, which has trained customers to expect a “pick of the week” every Tuesday, bringing them back week after week for something they genuinely value.

5. Align your needs and goals with your customer.

What is the value exchange in your app, and where is it happening? “Balance the give and the get,” says Pattani-Hason. “It’s not mobile first, it’s consumer first.”


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