John Sanford Visits Alma Mater to Pay It Forward

Recently, Rocketeer John Sanford returned to his hometown to speak at his elementary alma mater.

Harts Buff ISD is a public school district in small-town Titus County, Texas and is home to a few Rocketeers including John. When an old art teacher reached out to speak on how creativity and new technology correlate from an industry point of view, John offered to come in and speak to multiple elementary classes.

During John’s visit, he explained how Calvin Carter started Bottle Rocket through teaching himself the ins and outs of app creation and how failure is a point of learning and growth, not disappointment. He also introduced the idea of fun work cultures, how there is a discipline for thinkers, creators, and problem solvers in the technology field, and more. John also guided the students through problem-solving activities that simplified the QA thought process in a way they could understand and apply to their everyday work.

“I wanted to show [the kids] that work can be fun and they can apply a QA mindset to their school work,” John commented. “Every school [I spoke to] wants their kids out in the world. These students have more access to information [and technology], especially compared to when I went to school here. They just need the motivation to soar.”

The technology industry is different than most Titus County students know and the students responded well to our culture and work methodology. The students also enjoyed seeing the work Rocketeers produce for clients that they know and relate to. On the teacher side, they appreciated the fact that technology is ever evolving, how people can’t do their best work without a smile on their faces, and how our employees never stop learning and growing.

Our Rocketeers are always excited to expand knowledge to eager students. If you’re interested in how Bottle Rocket can influence your students, please contact our team about STEAM opportunities.