Hello Again – Apple Event Recap

The Apple event last week featured a major update for the Apple TV and introduced long-awaited hardware updates for the MacBook Pro line.


Apple TV – the TV app

The Apple TV’s got a new app – it’s called “TV”. It aggregates content from other apps to bring a more conventional television experience to the Apple TV. Today, content services, such as Hulu and YouTube, are accessed separately through Smart TVs, game consoles, and more. What’s different about TV is users can access their favorite shows, through a single application. TV combines the shows and movies from other connected services and brings them into one Siri and search-powered experience on the Apple TV. There was no mention of how content creators and developers would have their content indexed by on TV, but there will surely be an announcement in the future. In the meantime, check out the AWE platform – our TV Everywhere solution for Apple TV and more.


MacBook Pro – Touch Bar

The main focus of the event was the roll-out of the first new MacBook Pro in 4 years. A number of enhancements were made to the body, performance, and footprint of the device. What was really interesting is the addition of the new “Touch Bar”; a long strip of touch-screen that replaced (almost) the standard F-Keys at the top of the keyboard. The Touch Bar creates a fluid set of controls with multi-touch capability designed to do the job of the many different drop-down menus and sliders so people can make fine-tuned adjustments without cluttering-up the screen when using creative apps like Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, and the different Office applications. The UI makes use of rich data visualizations that make the Touch Bar a new independent screen. It also includes both Touch-ID and Force Touch so you can sign-in to your system or apps quickly and get the haptic feedback like pulses and clicks that signal events through touch alone.

There are some obvious questions that arise from people who use their laptops as a workstation with a remote keyboard: Will there be a remote version of the Touch Bar for them?  The answer to that question opens up the possibility of designing Touch Bar controls to run apps on tablets and phones which means the apps themselves will need to be designed to work with the Touch Bar.


These are pretty exciting additions aimed at refining the user experience. Time will tell how people integrate them into the way they use the apps and platforms. Contact us today to find out how your application could leverage the new Touch Bar.

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