Now in Apple TV’s Universal Search – The Hallmark Channel

Earlier this year, Apple announced an update to Siri for the Apple TV – making universal search more powerful than ever. Last year, Siri searched iTunes and a few select apps for content, but that list is growing. We are excited to announce that the latest addition to universal search is the Hallmark Channel. Powered by our video delivery platform, AWE, users will now be able to use Siri and universal search to find their favorite Hallmark Channel originals. Visit 9to5Mac for a full list of apps added in the latest update.

The new universal search functionality gives the Apple TV a unique user experience. Other streaming video devices require users to go to each app individually to find a show or movie – but Siri and universal search does work for you on the Apple TV. Instead of manually searching through apps, Siri provides a single place to search for content that pulls results from many TV apps.

You can also use your iPhone as a remote for your Apple TV, so download the app today and experience the AWE platform for yourself.

To learn more about the technology behind the Hallmark Channel app and other TV Everywhere experiences, check out our AWE platform.

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