Talking Digital Loyalty with Urban Airship

When Urban Airship, an integration partner for our custom apps and TVE and OTT platform, AWE, wants to know what top digital studios are doing, they come to Bottle Rocket.

One of our Business Development brainiacs, Jake Montgomery, joined a panel at Urban Airship’s 2017 kickoff to give them an answer.

“What's hot for us is digital loyalty,” Jake said. He gave this example of digital (aka mobile) loyalty, an aspect of which is delivering incentives and rewards via mobile, for those new to the concept: “Let’s say a customer goes to a coffee shop four times in a week. On the fifth visit that week, you might surprise and delight them with a free coffee, just because.”

That would be pretty sweet, right? Jake explained more of Bottle Rocket’s redefining work on mobile loyalty — you can read his complete remarks on Urban Airship’s blog.