Digital Hollywood CES Social Entertainment Recap

Recently, Judy Johnson returned to Digital Hollywood at CES to speak about social entertainment. As an always favorited subject, Judy had many insights on the subject to share. We wanted to expand upon these and also share related trends for brands to be aware of.


Utilizing data and analytics

There is an increasing desire for content owners to be able to capture and use their own data and analytics. As the need for reliable analytics grows, brands can expect to see growth in SDKs and other tools and sources. How brands gather and utilize their data is as much of a driver as other essential features like social integration or a feedback system. As Judy stated best, “Analytics is the new oil [of mobile].”

It is important for content providers to understand how users interact with their brand. Everything from how users find content to how they’re interacting with an app drives the overall experience they have. For example, if users aren’t finding an app through search, it shows that this area could be optimized and make it easier to discover. Also, if they’re taking 3-4 sessions to watch one piece of content, providers may want to see what factors affect their experience. Either way, strategically applying the data from analytics can change the user’s experience in a way that benefits both brand and user.


The evolving nature of social entertainment

What people thought was important two years ago in social entertainment isn’t as relevant today. Instead of just watching a TV show or reading and article, users interact with social entertainment brands in a way that didn’t exist a few years ago. This proves that the social ecosystem is evolving – and brands need to prepare.

For media and other content, users are no longer just sharing what they’re reading or watching with their friends and family. They are commenting on the content, sometimes with user-generated memes and other images, and creating their own social niches around them. This new type of social experience, although related to the content, is not directly related to the content itself. What content providers need to realize is that these types of experiences have value outside of their content that drives engagement, discoverability, and more.


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