How Broadcasters Can Use AWE to Address Roku SDK Changes

Roku recently announced they are ending support for legacy SDK visual screen components. Developers have been asked to update their channel UI to Roku’s more recent UI interface programming, SceneGraph.

Broadcasters have a few options in adapting to this change: rebuild their app in house or work with a third party to create a new app from the ground up. These solutions will take time. New channels choosing one of these options risk missing an important deadline—new channels must use SceneGraph or Direct Publisher by July 1, 2017.

Broadcasters, whether new to Roku or in need of updating their app, have a third, more practical option. AWE, Bottle Rocket’s video delivery platform, is already built on the most recent Roku SDK. We’ve developed AWE for easy configuration—broadcasters only need to brand and skin their app before they’re ready to deliver content via a user-focused, elegant UI and UX.

AWE brings more than SceneGraph compatibility, though. It also supports ads, analytics, authentication, and more features that other developers don’t include in out of the box solutions. Flexible feature screens also come standard with AWE. With AWE’s app management portal, a web-based tool, broadcasters can drag and drop to create unique feature screen experiences.

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