Bottle Rocket Nurtures Next Generation of Developers with Dallas ISD

Mobile and connected device specialist, Bottle Rocket, is partnering with Dallas ISD, in association with the Dallas County Community College District, to prepare incoming ninth graders for a successful path to college and beyond.

Bottle Rocket serves as an industry partner of the North Dallas Collegiate Academy, one of eight new collegiate academies Dallas ISD has opened. Students enrolled in these academies can graduate high school with dual credit, earning them a two-year head start in their collegiate field of study. On this path, students could begin establishing their careers by the age of 20.

Bottle Rocket Founder and CEO, Calvin Carter said, “We’re excited to meet the next generation of makers, developers and designers in Dallas. Our culture is one of learning and sharing, so a partnership with Dallas ISD in this groundbreaking program is a natural fit. And since Bottle Rocket was born in Dallas, we’re deeply invested in not just finding but making local talent. We’re even ready to learn a few things ourselves from these students!”

In addition to cultivating Dallas’s future innovators, Bottle Rocket is also helping teachers and administration design project-based learning programs that are relevant to today's workplace and tomorrow's innovation forecasts. This curriculum consists of professional soft and hard skills for tech development.

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