Bottle Rocket Hosts First Ever Partner Hackathon

Recently, Bottle Rocket partnered with Ogilvy CommonHealth to host a Healthcare Hackathon. The event presented an opportunity for both Bottle Rocket and Ogilvy to explore various healthcare cases with the support of subject matter experts and refine them into actual executions.

During the two-day event, teams strategized and prototyped connected, wearable, and other mobile experiences for various health-related issues. Ogilvy CommonHealth members helped provide their expertise and shape each project. Together, we conceptualized some innovative solutions for the healthcare industry, centering around mobile and new technologies.

Here is a brief overview of the projects conceptualized during this Healthcare Hackathon:

Breathe Easy

The Breathe Easy platform connects asthma patients, physicians, and researchers to help alleviate the burden of asthma for millions of Americans. The platform would give over 32.6 million asthma patients an easy-to-use tool for managing asthma via individualized courses of action, reminders, and information about their air quality conditions in their area. It also provides physicians the means to manage asthma patients under their care with clear insight by viewing history of their patient’s asthma attacks.


Myo Health

The Myo Armband is a wearable set of sensors designed to measure arm movement and track gestures through EMG. The team set out to test the accuracy and sensitivity of these sensors and whether the data was meaningful in relation to everything from fitness fatigue to rehabilitation tracking.  With regular data sourced from a large set of patients with a condition, it could give new insights to researchers looking for a cure and physicians administering better medications and treatments.


Healthy Habits

With the Healthy Habits app, people can theoretically discover and start a new journey to a healthier life by understanding health conditions and learning habits that can provide preventive solutions. The app encourages engagement with small awards, motivations, community support, and information for long term benefit based on the user’s specific health issues. Each milestone also includes essential information that people can use to progress and visualize their journey map progress – habit name, frequency, duration, etc.


Connected Healthcare

This project concentrated on having a single place for all of a family’s health and food-related goals and preferences. This application makes juggling healthcare needs easier by scanning and storing information about deals and suggest a healthy food replacement option if needed. Users can link this information to smart devices, Apple TV,  Chromecast, and others to see what they bought and how they can cook with it. As an additional bonus, the device profiles any age and profiles for peace of mind, trends, milestones, and general care coordination.


“Hackathons have always been a core part of Bottle Rocket’s Culture that drives out our pure passion for creating,” stated Matt Johnson, EVP of Innovation. “Brainstorming and rapid prototyping with a short timeline can spur the flow of ideas and lead to some incredible results.”

Other Rocketeers commented on gathering inspiration from their team, projects, and collaborating with our friends at Ogilvy in such a diverse sector.

“Access to subject matter experts is invaluable, especially when working in the healthcare sector,” said Rocketeer Sam Wilson. “Few other industries are…as huge and complex.”

Thank you to our partners from Ogilvy CommonHealth for making ideas for improving lives come to life with their Healthcare expertise. If you’re interested in partnering together on a future hackathon, please contact the innovation team.

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