Apple Special Event March 2016 Recap

Apple Special Event

Many of the announcements were widely anticipated, but for those of you that don’t obsessively chase each rumor as it rears up, we’d like to share with you what we saw as the most exciting parts of this town hall.

Lower pricing on Apple Watch

Apple introduced some new bands for the Apple Watch; these were very attractive, but there was a much more interesting element to this segment of the presentation. Pricing on the Apple Watch has been significantly reduced, with models starting at $299. While we’ve been appreciative of the watch thus far, it’s very exciting to see this aggressive pricing from Apple. When more users are enticed to enter the market for the watch, it encourages developers to create more great apps for the watch, which makes it more likely that users will adopt the watch— a wonderful cycle. We’re excited to see what Apple has done to expand its foothold and this encourages us to continue moving forward with watch development.

AppleTV Updates

Apple also announced some exciting updates for the AppleTV. The most important new functionality we saw was the addition of dictation for most text input (including usernames and passwords). This has the potential to open up some apps that have been challenging because of the difficulty involved in performing text input on the remote. It is also exciting to see Apple add additional in-app search for video to more players than just Netflix and Hulu; many other brands will be added to this search soon.

New 4-inch iPhone

Surprising nearly nobody, Apple has introduced a new 4-inch iPhone. This new iPhone integrates nearly all of the hardware available in the 6s series of phones, but with the smaller handheld design. We know many users are in conflict with their upgrades to the iPhone 6 size format, and they should be very pleased with this return to the classic size. As this is a new phone with a smaller size, we will be working with all of our clients to ensure that their apps look their best on all sizes of iPhones.

New iPad Pro

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, came out to discuss the new iPad Pro, and of all of the products announced, this one was perhaps the most surprising (or, at least, exciting). It brings the computing power of the iPad Pro to the traditional size of the classic iPad. This continues the push we see of the iPad slowly becoming a viable alternative to a traditional computer for many individual’s work tasks. The most exciting part, though, was the TrueTone Display. This display adapts the screen’s color to match the light in its environment. This will make the iPad much more natural feeling when used as a reading device, and many artists may also find it much more usable as a tablet for drawing as a result.

iOS 9.3

There were no surprises in the latest iOS update that were not in the beta. To learn more about the newly added features and which apps also received an update, check out our iOS 9.3 developer preview.

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