Exciting Information Released Before WWDC

Russel Mirabelli, Bottle Rocket iOS engineer, is making his way to WWDC. A few announcements he was most looking forward to were already made last week, leading him to believe Apple has a lot more in store at the conference this year than we originally believed. Here's what the had to say:

"The one thing I was most looking forward to at WWDC this year was some formal announcements regarding App Store submission times. As you might know, the App Store has historically had about a week-long turnaround. Last week, Apple announced that time has been reduced to one to two days; this is due to a wide variety of changes they’ve made in process and structure. This is really exciting because it allows us to update software very quickly in response to new problems that appear or new opportunities. Being able to claim three days back from the development cycle is a great thing.

Apple also announced changes in paid search results, and also subscription software. These are things that our customers tend to be less concerned about right now, so I'll save those for later.

What’s REALLY exciting is that this news— which is one of the big things I was hoping for— was considered by Apple to be 'Not Big Enough News' to make the keynote, and so they released this information last week. If the thing I wanted most is released as 'not big news', then what does apple have in store for us? I’m very excited about what Monday will bring us."

Make sure to check back in as we continue to get updates from our Rocketeers attending WWDC for even more updates from Apple.

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