App Rating Changes in iOS 10.3 Update

Bottle Rocket builds apps that include a framework for encouraging high ratings. This framework also funnels negative comments away from the App Store. We call this our Bottle Rocket Applause Generator (BRAG). Apple’s latest 10.3 update brings some changes to BRAG. Here’s what to expect.

Previously, we asked users if they liked an app during the mobile experience. If they did, we prompted them to rate it. If they didn't, we requested feedback, which came to us or the client. In iOS 10.3, Apple will now handle interactions that BRAG facilitated. BRAG also allowed us to drive and know when apps are reviewed. In iOS 10.3, we won’t be notified. But, Bottle Rocket will still access and use knowledge of how users interact with our clients’ apps to determine when we’ll ask for ratings. With iOS 10.3, however, our standard messaging won’t redirect comments to clients or Bottle Rocket. Instead, we’ll have to rely on Apple functionality.

That all sounds a little ominous, but we’re excited about the opportunity it affords our clients. Another change iOS 10.3 brings is one we’ve been asking for the last 5 years—responding directly to user reviews. Responding to common user problems can turn negative reviews into opportunities for education and lessen impacts of negative reviews.

We’ve already done the development on our end to support our clients and allow them to utilize the update’s capabilities. We’ll work with clients to determine the best strategy for handling this process.

We’re ready for 10.3, and so are our clients’ apps.

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