Bottle Rocket at 360iDev: CoreAnimation Using Swift Playgrounds

Recently, iOS Developer Russell Mirabelli spoke at 360iDev, a four-day iOS developers conference in Denver. During the event, Russell hosted a session titled “200: Better CoreAnimation Using Swift Playgrounds.” The session covered using Swift playgrounds to quickly iterate through ideas, an overview of CoreAnimation, and how to significantly improving on the edit/compile/test cycle to quickly create great visual effects.

“This summer, I was honored by my company and the 360 iDev team to be afforded the opportunity to speak at the conference this year in Denver,” said Russell. “[The topic of CoreAnimation is] an important topic to me— it’s about doing the basics well, and getting re-acquainted with technology that’s sometimes less well understood.”

If you want to get re-acquainted with CoreAnimation and get some hints on experimenting with layer effects and particle systems, follow along with Russell’s session through the project sources he provides.

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