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10 Reasons Organizational Change Fails

Why do so many initiatives fail — even with what we feel like is proper execution? Why does change continue to be so hard?

Mistakes Happen. It’s How You Learn from Them That Matters.

How Root Cause Analysis Can Help Your Organization Learn and Evolve.

Introducing the All-New 2nd Edition of EXP. Magazine

A Magazine About All Things Experience. By experience experts for experience experts, EXP. is a magazine for anyone that believes in the power of experience and thrives off innovation.

API Design-First Tooling

In this post, we’ll walk through some of the tools you might consider to help you on your API journey.

API Design-First in Practice

Let's walk through the details of how you might implement an API Design-First approach, which is one of the many flavors of the broad API First concept.

Bottle Rocket News: Featuring Our Technical Delivery Leads

David Harrison, Rebecca Farr, Marica Sterling, Scott Owen, Javas Vandeway, Scott St. Clair, Harolyn Salandy join forces to talk about utilizing experiences.

What I learned in Advent of Code 2022

This year, several members of my team joined me in enjoying the Advent of Code. I was expecting to have a little fun writing a code, but I was surprised at just how much I learned.

How automation is driving hoteliers forward amid staff shortage concerns

The upcoming festive period is set to be busy for the hotel sector, and yet staff shortages continue to threaten the industry.

What should CX leaders prioritize in their 2023 budgets?

Evidence indicates that CX budgets could increase in 2023, despite the economic conditions.

Gartner: IT spending to grow 5.1% amid optimization push

The market research firm said enterprise IT spending will endure in a tough economy, but noted an emphasis on optimization, productivity gains and rooting out inefficiencies.

Why Involving The Whole Team In Decisions Leads to a Better Product

Find out how to make every member of the team is empowered and given a voice.

There Is No Side Hustle in Agile

What is a side hustle? What does it look like on an agile team? How does it impact the delivery?

Our 10th Annual Rocket Science Was Amazing, As Usual!

We are constantly inspired and amazed by the incredible projects our teams create and the camaraderie Rocket Science inspires.

16 Tips To Ensure Digital Payments Are Easy And Safe For Customers

A panel of Forbes Technology Council members offers their best advice for ensuring a secure and easy digital payment process.

13 Exciting New And Emerging Consumer-Facing Tech Products And Applications

13 members of Forbes Technology Council discuss a few new and upcoming technologies that may soon have more consumer applications, as well as trendy tech products they’re especially excited about.

Not All Cancellations Are Equal

Peter Klayman discusses how travel and tourism businesses need to work hard to protect their reputations and maintain loyalty in the face of disruptions that are out of their control.

Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts

Tim Duncan, Product Growth Lead at Bottle Rocket explores the intersection of cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications, and loyalty programs.

Why Inflation is Making Customer Experience More Important than Ever

The rising cost of living has resulted in customers demanding more value for their money, especially as menu prices rise with inflation.

16 Tips To Help Ensure Good Ergonomic Design In New Tech Tools

16 members of Forbes Technology Council share tips to help developers ensure they’ve incorporated good ergonomic design principles in their products.

Bottle Rocket Earns Spark AR Creator Certification for Meta

Bottle Rocket announced that the company is one of a select few worldwide that has earned the formal Spark AR Creation Certification from Meta.

Podcast: After the Glass Breaks Special – Women in Tech

Join David Harrison as they discusses how women are changing the world with Tracey Francis, Amanda Chappell, and Marica Sterling from Bottle Rocket.

12 Ways AI Is Transforming How Businesses Interact With Customers

12 members of Forbes Technology Council share ways AI is transforming and improving businesses’ interactions with their customers.

Composing the Bigger Picture

At Google I/O 2022 there was a strong focus on the larger Android ecosystem and not just improvements to the mobile phone experience.

Foodservice Brands Must Walk a Tightrope Between Physical & Digital Experience

Customers are interacting with competitor brands over multiple channels every hour of every day, and they expect every digital experience to measure up to the Amazons and Ubers of this world.

Is it Time for a Team Health Check?

Teams should get a ‘health checkup’ periodically to uncover potential issues or ‘blockages’ so that it can work on its wellness and improve its chances of performing at peak levels again. Hence, the Team Agility Health Check.

10 Tech Experts’ Favorite Tools And Tips For Diagnosing Network Issues

10 members of Forbes Technology Council share their selections for effective network troubleshooting tools every IT pro should know about.

Xcode Quality-Of-Life Improvements from WWDC 2022

Developers have the goal of providing software that meets the needs of the customer, whatever those might be. When our tools become more capable, we can deliver better software faster.

Identity Management in an Insecure World: Picking the Right Partner

Knowing and protecting your user is key to providing personalized services. We review which partners can get us there including Azure AD B2C, Cognito from AWS, Okta, Auth0, and Firebase Authentication.

How to Build Strong (Virtual) Relationships

By investing time in your (virtual) relationships, you will not only see stronger bonds within your organization, but also see success as you progress in your career.

How’s Your Codebase Looking? 5 Best Practices for Android Development

There are many things to consider when building an Android app. Implementing best practices can help you and your team working on any codebase (new or legacy).

Press Release: Experience Insights Report

Bottle Rocket, an experience consultancy that provides digital product strategy, design, and technology solutions for some of the world's largest brands, announced today the launch of a new insights report.

New Insights Report Explores How ‘Experience’ Can Drive Growth

This report features insights from Bottle Rocket customers across industries.

13 Important QA Steps to Take Before a Large-Scale Tech Deployment

One of the most vital steps before a product launch is ensuring the quality of your product.

15 Factors That Could Delay Or Derail The Growth Of Wearable Tech

15 members of Forbes Technology Council discuss factors that could delay or derail the continued growth of wearable tech.

What Happened at Google i/o 2022 This Year?

A few of our lead Android architects have summed up everything you need to know about Google i/o 2022 in just about 30 minutes.

The Struggle is Real

Find out how Experience Architects work with businesses to dissect what went wrong and prevent mistakes in the future.

Preparing for the Future of Experience

We’ve interviewed experts across a range of industries to create a unique window into the past, present, and future of experience.

15 Smart Strategies To Help Tech Leaders Keep Teams On Track During Vacation Season

15 members of Forbes Technology Council share smart strategies tech leaders can leverage to ensure the team keeps up when its various members (or they themselves) take time off.

This is the Secret to Driving Growth with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies can bring value to a brand in a myriad of different ways based on the demographic profile of the end customer.

Six Things Every Marketer Should Know about CDPs

Doina Harris, Chief Product Officer at Simon Data, shares how companies can unlock the power of customer data while driving marketing results faster and ultimately driving growth.

Digital Ordering Has Become an Expectation for Restaurant Customers

Customers today demand a digital offering from all tiers of the restaurant industry, from fine dining to quick service.

Wondering What Happened at WWDC 2022 This Year?

A few of our lead iOS architects have summed up everything you need to know about WWDC 2022 in just about 30 minutes.

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